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Frontline Ad

29 Apr


Frontline sells flea medication for dogs.  This is my all time favorite ad.
What do you think?


The Killers – the Greatest Band

25 Apr

the_killers Yesterday I went to see the Killers concert. One word fabulous! I love seeing The Killers live. They were one of only a handful of concerts I’ve seen. A very engaging show – they began with new single “Human”. Everyone stood up and dance. The room was full of the atmosphere of an oppressively loud audience. They played all of my favorite songs. I couldn’t help but dance and sing along. The crowd was great, no one jammed in like least I still have room to jump and dance. Music was awesome live. Brandon rocked with the vocals and kept the crowd going, he did not talk much, I think he only asked a few times how Vancouver going, then pretty much just kept on belting out tune after tune! The band is great, they gave a good show and it was a fun night. Now I have seen the Killers perform live. Definitely would recommend seeing The Killers.

I have a hard time taking Brandon’s face with him dancing around the stage.

Stacking Food on Animals

23 Apr

This is hilarious. Kind of feel sorry for the animals, but they get to eat in the end so it’s all right I guess. Besides, the dogs and the monkey are obviously well trained to resist the food until they are permitted to eat it.

Eye Catching Billboards

23 Apr





Creative Advertisements

22 Apr

3M displays load of cash inside..what a better way to sell its security glass.

It effectively highlights the dangers of drunk driving through emotion.

Toblerone and bike rack…yet so simple and creative.

Honda Ruckus Pictures (2)

22 Apr


Honda Ruckus Pictures (1)

22 Apr