Group Riding

15 Jul

I only rode by myself in all my previous rides. Not because I don’t like group riding, but I don’t have the confidence to ride with a group. I don’t want to become the whole group’s burden. You know I may not follow close enough, miss the light or even too slow etc. But I am sure there’s certainly a fun there. Today I had a chance to be riding with a group. And I have my eyes open. I learned that riding in a group isn’t that dangerous and scary. In opposite I felt safer and relax. Being so easily noticed by other traffic is an added benefit of being in a group. At first, I did have the initial feeling awkwardness when riding with others. I haven’t done the staggered formation for a long time after in the riding school. Another thing that caught me was that I required to stop next to another biker at the red light. It was a bit shakie at the very first red light. I found that the width of the road suddenly cut in half for me. And I was on the right hand side of the road which is closer to the curb….and the the road is slanting to the curb (I dropped my bike before in the same situation). Although there are still many things to experience, having somebody in the front leading me allow me to copy his riding moves and techniques. Honestly I enjoy every bit of it. Thanks to the lead rider. The excitement and companionship of group riding is something different comparing with riding “lone wolf”. But both have different excitement and fun. And honestly I like both!


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