Driver license renewal: Smile no more

22 Jul

neutral faceIs Vancouver banning smiles for driver license photos? I think so. Drivers are now required to have neutral face expressions when having their photo taken. The reason is to avoid fraud
using advanced facial recognition software. Why do you take away my smiling freedom? Great, so now my driver license picture will look even more like a police mug shot (although I don’t have one, I am sure my face will look the same). There is no smiling for my Canadian passport already (and I hate my picture there), and now the driver license. So all my identification pictures will look as if I never enjoy life or never had fun in my entire life.

I thought they are using advanced facial recognition software. Oh well, some experts claim that this technology is not yet sophisticated enough to differentiate between the same person smiling and not smiling. Then if the software can’t handle a smile, what the heck happens if someone grows a beard hiding the chin. One has to ask if this isn’t somehow the beginning of machines dictating our behavior…or someone behind the machines.

I totally object this idea. I like to smile in all my photos and I think I look prettier smiling as well.

[Side Note. Okay, that’s not what I learnt from watching the CSI shows. On the show, the software can zoom in and out; if the subject’s head is blurred or is sideways, the software can recognize the person with no problem. Obviously, the shows are fooling me. Gotta stop watching too much TV.]


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