New Roads

31 Jul

There are roads or places that I always imagine where I ride my motorcycle….way before I learnt how to ride. Such places like downtown, West Van and Sea to Sky. Downtown is where you see a lot of people crowded around and crossing at intersections; West Van is where I think the roads are up, down and narrow; whereas Sea to Sky hwy consists of high speed curves.

Honestly I would not dare to ride those roads alone for the first time. Luckily I got another chance to ride in a group. Besides being safer and more relaxed with riding in a group, I found out another great thing is that by following an experience lead rider I didn’t need to navigate so much. I found this pretty awesome for a road blind like me.

OK, the downtown area gave me new ride feelings. I did feel nervous at the beginning…especially on Robson St. since I haven’t ridden before. I saw so many people at every corner of the intersections, stopping and going. Are they looking at me? Do I look cool? It felt a bit out of hand. LOL. But overall, I made it through.

DSC03336West Van is a place that I seldom go, so I am not familiar with the roads and it gave me new challenges. Marine Dr. is great for riding motorcycle. We rode in single file seeing the great scenary. The road is long, narrow and with a number of curves. Some curves have restricted visibility too. Right now I can manage a curve at a “moderate to slow” speed, maybe a little bit slower than the speed limit. Finding a safe speed when handling a curve is something I need to practice a lot more. But I am looking forward to try Marine Dr. again soon.

Sea to Sky hwy…hmmm…. I would not be ready for it yet. But I know it is just the matter of time for me to ride there.


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