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My Moo

27 Aug

My_mooI am so excited that my Moo cards has arrived in the mail today.  Once I opened up the parcel, the cards were neatly stuffed in a hard white plastic box.  The cards are nicely processed in offset printing.  The images are amazingly colorful and smooth.  Together with the cards, I also bought a mini card case that made with velvet. I can easily put 10 cards in it and carry with me. The rest will store safely in the white box on my desk.  And Tigress (the tiger) will guard them when I am away from my desk.

By the way, Tigress, you look good in the picture.


5th Annual Gastown Motorcycle Show & Shine

18 Aug

Shownshine09_2On last Sunday, August 16, 2009, I went to Vancouver Gastown for the 5th Annual Gastown Motorcycle Show & Shine. It is a huge celebration of motorcycling at Vancouver and so happen it’s a free motorcycle show! Lots of motorcycles on display and I have my eyes open.

Picture of motorcycles that I like

Always love the vintage ones

Kill Bill Vol. 1

Moo Mini Cards

11 Aug

Moo_made I have heard of Moo mini cards sometimes ago, but I didn’t order any until now because I just used up all my personalized gift card recently. I read some good reviews about Moo and they are becoming popular, so why not give it a try?

The Moo website has easy instruction. Upload photos of your choice directly to the Moo server or ask Moo to access your Flickr account and pull out the photos you like. Then, you crop, place the image, and type out the things you want on the back…such as name, phone number or the URL etc. You pay online and soon the cards will arrive in your mailbox. It’s that simple. moo_crop

Moo has its own set of photos to choose from as well. They are unique and beautiful. Another thing I like about it is that I can choose assortment of photos in one set, which has 100 cards (USD19.99). Then, you have great variety and would not be boring when you give them out.

I ordered two sets and a soft card holder that holds up to 12 mini cards. These Moo cards are awesome! A great alternative to the average business card. Love these little cards!

Two Robot Figures in One Year

4 Aug

gundam_projectNot long ago, a 18-meter-tall (about 59-feet-tall) Gundam statue stood up in Tokyo, Japan. The “life-size” Gundam statue marks the 30th anniversary of the first anime series in the Mobile Suit Gundam space war anime franchise. Many people have already talked about this and took tons of pictures in sorts of different angles. After the showcase, the statue has moved to Sony PlayStation home for another month for showing. Sadly, it is now gone. But the statue sure created some good praises and many talks around the world.

Gundam Icon Review some of the beautiful pictures.

So what are you up to next, Japan? Looks like Kobe is doing the same – building a full scale robot statue – Tetsu Jin 28. It is going to be the symbol of the city’s revival after the 1995 Kobe Earthquake. This “life-size” T-28 steel statue stands 60-feet-tall, and is expected to finish construction in September 2009. Tetsu Jin 28 will be a permanent landmark at Kobe, Akamatsu Park unlike the Gundam at Odaiba.


I think Japan is a very amusing country. By the way, I am missing the Gundam statue already. Pleaessssss make it a landmark forever.