Thrill Ride on Sea to Sky

11 Sep

s2scI always imagine myself riding a motorcycle on the Sea to Sky Highway.  It may not sound adventurous to some riders, but It is a big goal for me as a new rider.  I just started riding again in this summer, and throughout the summer I have been riding regularly. Before I take on the hwy, I need to know if I would be ready to go for higher speeds. In August, I felt that I am ready to taste the hwy. I rode my bike onto Sea to Sky highway 3 times and they were  all group riding. Having ridden in a group, I felt more confident and fun.

s2sb Sea to Sky hwy is a scenic drive. One side is the ocean, and the other side are rocky mountains. It has been undergoing an improvement project for the Winter Olympic 2010, which includes straightening, widening and improving sightlines. Althought the improvement has eliminated serveral sharp curves, there are still many curves, which sport riders like.

s2sRiding on the hwy gave me great pleasure. My first ride on the hwy was the most nervous. The adrenaline rushes through my veins at every curve. Am I too slow or too fast? Did I set up properly when entering the curve? At fast speeds, some curves did catch me off guard. As I rode on, the riding experience got better; I could find my comfortable speed level, though at some points there are vehicles were still blowing by me like I’m standing still.But the second and third rides felt lot easier and more relaxing. I managed to beat my previous top speed riding on the same hwy, and I even managed to take a few peeks towards the ocean to enjoy the views. I now fully understand why the Sea to Sky hwy is notable for scenic drives in BC.

s2sdA little fact of the Sea to Sky Highway: it is the name given to a section of Highway 99, north of Vancouver, beginning at Horseshoe Bay and to the north past Lions Bay, Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton. Now it has 4 lane sections with scenic passes for both the Pacific Ocean and rugged mountain peaks.


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