Crave for Cupcakes

31 Oct

After a friend who recently baked some cupcakes I was tempted to bake some of my own.  So I began to look for some recipes.  When I think of making cupcakes, I automatically would think of Martha Stewart.  So I checked out her website and found some recipes. This would be my first time to make cupcake so I sort out the difficulty recipes and chose some easy to follow ones.

buttercreamI know cupcakes usually have icing on them.  Buttercream? Yes, I love to eat buttercream so I decided to make some buttercream icing.  Banana?  Yes, I love banana so I also decided to make banana flavoured cupcakes.  In the end, I made the buttercream on my own by following the recipe and I bought a banana muffin mix from the supermarket.

Banana MuffinThe making procedure wasn’t too hard. I got help from my darling and we managed to baked a few cupcakes. The cupcakes came out pretty nice and even sized. The buttercream icing turned out sweet and smooth. We experimented and played around with the icing using cake decorating tips.

Finally, here are the end results.

Cupcake showcase

Boo! Happy Halloween! There is one cupcake with a little “Halloween” touch too. Here’s a closer look of the cupcake. Q. What is it?

Brain CupcakeA: It’s a “Brain”.


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