Cute Dog Plushie

6 Nov

Side story: My dog P loves plush toys. He likes to play with his plush toys from time to time to amuse himself. Sometimes he likes to play rough with his plush toys; sometimes he likes to carry them from room to room and sometimes he likes to chew them.  He is one plush toys lover but also a destroyer.  That’s okay to me as long as he is having fun. I just need to buy new toys in order to keep up with him.

So yesterday after seeing him ripped open an elephant plushie, I went online shopping for new toys.  I came to a website called Funny Fur.  There were some cute plushies that caught my attention.  The site fills with many unique plushies such as these ones:  (They are “High Life” plushies but so funny and adorable in my human eyes).

Dog Plush Toy(Grrrona, Kennelone,ibone,arfsolute,appawtizer and Muttstercard)

growlextoy (Growlex)


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