Dog Sleeps in the Middle of My Bed

12 Jan

I want to start off with writing about my beloved dog P boy. Lately he is driving me and my hubby nuts while we are in bed sleeping. He is a 1+ year old dog so I still refer him as a puppy. Every night he acts like a 2 year old child who wakes up in the middle of night and walk onto mommy and daddy’s bed.  Whenever he does that, we correct him right away.  He listens, gives you an innocent look then walk back to his usual sleeping spot on the floor.  Quietly he will sleep over an hour to two hours or so. Then, in the middle of the night he climbs up to our bed and steps on our legs and lays down to sleep in the middle.  Sometimes we are so deep asleep that we are not aware of that happening until he flips, turns, stretches and kicks.  Recently we both suffer from body aches in the morning.

Despite the aches, I do enjoy the occurrence. P boy has funny sleeping positions. Seeing that just make me laugh so hard.  The best one was seeing a pair of fore paws hanging in front of my face no further than 1inch after I got woke up and open my eyes. It is right there in your face. This is really a funny view and I wish I can take a photo but the room is just too dark to capture it. This is the closer representation that I could find in the piles of stock photo.

I am not stopping this behavior yet and still let him sneak into our bed in the middle of the night.  I know this is not the way to show leadership, but I enjoy the bonding with him despite the body aches in the morning. I expect P boy will eventually get tired of sleeping with us very soon.  Everyday he grows bigger, longer and wider and he will look for more space to sleep at night.  The same happens to my other dog, B boy; therefore, it is just a matter of time.  So I will give P boy 2 more months to grow out of this behavior.  Time flies by so quickly that I know I would miss the puppy-like coziness later on.


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