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Inside Sackboy, Lego Man & Gummy Bear

25 May

Wired Freeny-Sackboy spread

Anatomical diagrams are provided for a Lego man, a Gummi Bear and a the Sackboy from Little Big Planet. They are indeed very detail. via Moist Production


Brilliant World Peace Message

15 May


Absolute brilliant use of the media and the message. Big Ant International design posters, for Global Coalition for Peace, to wrap around poles, campaigning for an end to the war in Iraq. There are four posters and here is one example. “What Goes Around Comes Around. Stop the Iraq War.”

House in a Billboard

10 May

sha2sha3 Inspired by a billboard it is designed as an object that can easily fit into almost any place. It is available for so-called “singles” to live in. This design is particularly recommended to locations with extra-ordinary landscape conditions: forest, sea, lake, mountains, meadows; yet a sideway of a city thoroughfare. Do you want to live in the billboard house? I am sure there won’t be any privacy. Everyone will look up at you like looking at a billboard advertisement. via Front Architects

Frontline Ad

29 Apr


Frontline sells flea medication for dogs.  This is my all time favorite ad.
What do you think?

Eye Catching Billboards

23 Apr





Creative Advertisements

22 Apr

3M displays load of cash inside..what a better way to sell its security glass.

It effectively highlights the dangers of drunk driving through emotion.

Toblerone and bike rack…yet so simple and creative.