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Dog Sleeps in the Middle of My Bed

12 Jan

I want to start off with writing about my beloved dog P boy. Lately he is driving me and my hubby nuts while we are in bed sleeping. He is a 1+ year old dog so I still refer him as a puppy. Every night he acts like a 2 year old child who wakes up in the middle of night and walk onto mommy and daddy’s bed.  Whenever he does that, we correct him right away.  He listens, gives you an innocent look then walk back to his usual sleeping spot on the floor.  Quietly he will sleep over an hour to two hours or so. Then, in the middle of the night he climbs up to our bed and steps on our legs and lays down to sleep in the middle.  Sometimes we are so deep asleep that we are not aware of that happening until he flips, turns, stretches and kicks.  Recently we both suffer from body aches in the morning.

Despite the aches, I do enjoy the occurrence. P boy has funny sleeping positions. Seeing that just make me laugh so hard.  The best one was seeing a pair of fore paws hanging in front of my face no further than 1inch after I got woke up and open my eyes. It is right there in your face. This is really a funny view and I wish I can take a photo but the room is just too dark to capture it. This is the closer representation that I could find in the piles of stock photo.

I am not stopping this behavior yet and still let him sneak into our bed in the middle of the night.  I know this is not the way to show leadership, but I enjoy the bonding with him despite the body aches in the morning. I expect P boy will eventually get tired of sleeping with us very soon.  Everyday he grows bigger, longer and wider and he will look for more space to sleep at night.  The same happens to my other dog, B boy; therefore, it is just a matter of time.  So I will give P boy 2 more months to grow out of this behavior.  Time flies by so quickly that I know I would miss the puppy-like coziness later on.


Cute Dog Plushie

6 Nov

Side story: My dog P loves plush toys. He likes to play with his plush toys from time to time to amuse himself. Sometimes he likes to play rough with his plush toys; sometimes he likes to carry them from room to room and sometimes he likes to chew them.  He is one plush toys lover but also a destroyer.  That’s okay to me as long as he is having fun. I just need to buy new toys in order to keep up with him.

So yesterday after seeing him ripped open an elephant plushie, I went online shopping for new toys.  I came to a website called Funny Fur.  There were some cute plushies that caught my attention.  The site fills with many unique plushies such as these ones:  (They are “High Life” plushies but so funny and adorable in my human eyes).

Dog Plush Toy(Grrrona, Kennelone,ibone,arfsolute,appawtizer and Muttstercard)

growlextoy (Growlex)

Why “Pooper Scoopers”?

24 Jul

lawndogRemember Mr. Bob Barker, ex-host of the “Price is Right” show, tells people to “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.” at the end of each show. If I were the host, I would also tell people not to forget cleaning up after your dogs.

I am a proud owner of two wonderful Golden Retrievers. We all have been victims of stepping on other dogs’ poop numerous times no matter where, which I am sure will continue to happen now and then. Therefore, I named my blog “Pooperscoopers” to emphasize the need to scoop dog poop. I wish many dog owners would use doggie bag to pick up after your dogs (Biodegradable doggie bag preferrably, of course). Do your part – help the environment and our neighborhoods and become a responsible dog owners. Then enjoy life with your dogs.

For your information: there are many reasons why dog poop must be scooped and removed. Just list a few here: it pollutes our groundwater and harm our ecosystem; diseases and parasites can easly be transmitted; it isn’t a fertilizer but toxic to the lawn and it’s the law.

Sign image from Lawndog

Not So Stupid Pet Trick

6 May

Out of ordinary “play dead” by Bailie. Bailie, you are so dead. LOL.

Frontline Ad

29 Apr


Frontline sells flea medication for dogs.  This is my all time favorite ad.
What do you think?

Stacking Food on Animals

23 Apr

This is hilarious. Kind of feel sorry for the animals, but they get to eat in the end so it’s all right I guess. Besides, the dogs and the monkey are obviously well trained to resist the food until they are permitted to eat it.