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Gagaholic I Sure Am

28 Aug

Besides working hard on my new fabulous shop opening project, truth be told, I literally have one thing on my mind right now and strange as it may seem.  That one thing is Lady Gaga. I’m totally sucked in. I’m a Gagaholic. It’s seriously like a disease, or like an obsession. It’s like something you can’t control,  it just happens. I guess I am officially a Little Monster and I am happy to be one.


Well Done, Vancouver!

7 Mar

I just returned to my blog for the first time in almost a month to tell you that yes, I am incredibly busy having fun and haven’t had the chance to post any updates.

Yes, yes and yes!! What an amazing couple of weeks. I have never been so “into” the Olympics until these games. I am sooo proud to be Canadian. Not just about all the medals but to see the flag going up, the people singing the anthem and over all, the amazing job Vancouver did with the hosting.

I am kind of sad to see the Olympic games ended, I have watched more of games in this olympics then any other olympic games, perhaps that they were in Canada, I just felt more connected to it. Seeing all the crowds of red mitts in the streets, it must have been an awesome experience for me.

The Olympics gave me feelings of inspiration, hope, laughter and tears. But it was not a moment for me but a pride for our country as we all sang, “Oh CANADA” so many times!

This place was rocking right before and during the game with some incredible energy and people in town. The energy of the crowds was something I’ve never felt before. Truly amazing to be around with so many people from all over the world who are so excited and happy.

This is my perfect city Vancouver. I think Vancouver did Canada proud, this felt like one of the most hospitable winter olympics games yet.

Thank you Vancouver.
Thank you Canada.

iMobsters and World War Apps

18 Dec

Recently I am playing the games by Storm 8 entitled iMobsters and World War on my iphone.

I really don’t know why I play these games. There is no animation and no actual fighting scene for you to enjoy except those very lively vocal and sound effects in between the game play.

So what are the games about? Yeah, just press buttons, I attack, sometimes I win but mostly I lose my games. Then I go buy stuff, spam my invite code to get more people to become my ally. And then repeat everything again and again until I ask myself why am I playing these games. But I keep repeating this all over again and again. And I can’t stop playing it! Why are these games so addictive.

5th Annual Gastown Motorcycle Show & Shine

18 Aug

Shownshine09_2On last Sunday, August 16, 2009, I went to Vancouver Gastown for the 5th Annual Gastown Motorcycle Show & Shine. It is a huge celebration of motorcycling at Vancouver and so happen it’s a free motorcycle show! Lots of motorcycles on display and I have my eyes open.

Picture of motorcycles that I like

Always love the vintage ones

Kill Bill Vol. 1

Eco-friendly Bubble Wrap

5 Jun

BubblewrapWhen there is a sheet of bubble wrap laying around the house there is something about it that just draws me to it, I just have to pop… at least one.  I want to be eco-friendly and avoiding plastics. Well now I can pop bubble wrap online, I go to Virtual Bubblewrap,  a site that’s “dedicated to this most fun packing material. Once I pop I can’t stop. Let’s do it virtually. It feels good! Just clicccckkkkk. or via here.

The Killers – the Greatest Band

25 Apr

the_killers Yesterday I went to see the Killers concert. One word fabulous! I love seeing The Killers live. They were one of only a handful of concerts I’ve seen. A very engaging show – they began with new single “Human”. Everyone stood up and dance. The room was full of the atmosphere of an oppressively loud audience. They played all of my favorite songs. I couldn’t help but dance and sing along. The crowd was great, no one jammed in like least I still have room to jump and dance. Music was awesome live. Brandon rocked with the vocals and kept the crowd going, he did not talk much, I think he only asked a few times how Vancouver going, then pretty much just kept on belting out tune after tune! The band is great, they gave a good show and it was a fun night. Now I have seen the Killers perform live. Definitely would recommend seeing The Killers.

I have a hard time taking Brandon’s face with him dancing around the stage.