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Other than Pink Gloomy Bear

27 May


Anyone love Gloomy Bear puppets? They look pretty darn cute in puppet form.
Or do you get tired with the pink bear? I personally like the lime GB.


Gloomy Bear Arm Pillow

8 May

funnypulse [Gloomy Bear Arm Pillow]_1241385467632
Gloomy Bear Arm Pillow. Of course…with blood. Buy it here.

Gloomy Bear X Hello Kitty

18 Apr

Gloomy x Hello Kitty


Yes there will be blood.
Bloody kitty!? Don’t worry, the red stuff is tomato ketchup.

Gloomy Bear and Halfsies

17 Apr


Gloomy Bear: Mori Chack, Japan (2004); Halfsies: Roman Dirge, USA (2005).

The Pity Boy

17 Apr

rolitoboy How bout The Pity Boy? Mori Chack worked with artist, Rolito and created this hybrid figure. Exclusive limited to only 504 pieces made worldwide. 5 inches tall. As Pity himself states “My head is always occupied with GLOOMY”, his well trained bear but it’s perfectly natural for bears to attack human which Gloomy does with ferocity. Love him but watch out!”

KidRobot 6 Inch Gloomy Bear

17 Apr


I always have a fond of Black.

More Gloomy Bear

17 Apr