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Gagaholic I Sure Am

28 Aug

Besides working hard on my new fabulous shop opening project, truth be told, I literally have one thing on my mind right now and strange as it may seem.  That one thing is Lady Gaga. I’m totally sucked in. I’m a Gagaholic. It’s seriously like a disease, or like an obsession. It’s like something you can’t control,  it just happens. I guess I am officially a Little Monster and I am happy to be one.


The Killers – the Greatest Band

25 Apr

the_killers Yesterday I went to see the Killers concert. One word fabulous! I love seeing The Killers live. They were one of only a handful of concerts I’ve seen. A very engaging show – they began with new single “Human”. Everyone stood up and dance. The room was full of the atmosphere of an oppressively loud audience. They played all of my favorite songs. I couldn’t help but dance and sing along. The crowd was great, no one jammed in like sardines..at least I still have room to jump and dance. Music was awesome live. Brandon rocked with the vocals and kept the crowd going, he did not talk much, I think he only asked a few times how Vancouver going, then pretty much just kept on belting out tune after tune! The band is great, they gave a good show and it was a fun night. Now I have seen the Killers perform live. Definitely would recommend seeing The Killers.

I have a hard time taking Brandon’s face with him dancing around the stage.