Why “pooper scoopers”?

ScoopRemember Mr. Bob Barker, ex-host of the “Price is Right” show, tells people to “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.” at the end of each show. If I were the host, I would also tell people not to forget cleaning up after your dogs.

I am a proud owner of two wonderful Golden Retrievers. We all have been victims of stepping on other dogs’ poop numerous times no matter where, which I am sure will continue to happen now and then. Therefore, I named my blog “Pooperscoopers” to emphasize the need to scoop dog poop. I wish many dog owners would use doggie bag to pick up after your dogs (Biodegradable doggie bag preferrably, of course). Do your part – help the environment and our neighborhoods and become a responsible dog owners. Then enjoy life with your dogs.

For your information: there are many reasons why dog poop must be scooped and removed. Just list a few here: it pollutes our groundwater and harm our ecosystem; diseases and parasites can easly be transmitted; it isn’t a fertilizer but toxic to the lawn and it’s the law.

Thank you for reading.


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